About the company

The foundations of the Cleopatra Art brand were laid in the distant 1989 when my family decided to start its own business. Our first products were knitted children's sweaters depicting animated characters. They gained a nationwide popularity very quickly and this success encouraged us to get more ambitious. We decided to grow our business by increasing the variety of our products and finding international partners. Today, the Cleopatra Art brand is more successful than ever, being renowned for its hand knitted boutique women clothes. More than half of our production is exported to the international market.

Our designs are full of original and beautiful elements. In our models you can notice ideas based on the traditional Bulgarian folklore intertwined with the latest trends in the fashion world. We always stay abreast with the modern colours and accessories. The company strives to use mainly natural yarns. Our main materials are wool and cotton combined with viscose rayon, polyamide, alpaca and acrylic fibers.

Elegant, unique and feminine, our designs are aimed at everyone that wants to be different. Each of our clothes is the result of hard work, devotion and passion. This is why we feel happy every time when someone appreciates the beauty of our brand.


Our primary occupations are:
  • Domestic and international wholesale.
  • Online retailing of our products.
  • Personal orders.

If you need to know more about our wholesale policies, you want to purchase a single unit of our clothes or dream for a piece of clothing designed especially for you, don't hesitate to contact us!